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6 Questions For Your After Prom or Graduation Comedian For Hire

So you want to hire a comedian to entertain a group of teenagers after prom or graduation. Sounds easy enough. But where to begin? The main goal is to hire a funny yet clean comedian whose humor won't land anyone in the principal's office! You can find the Top Rated Prom and Graduation Comedian for hire in the Northeast by calling 845-583-1103 or you can search online for any number of funny comedians, but you want to have a successful show and not all comedians are experienced at entertaining teenagers. It's even harder than it sounds lol. So here are 6 questions to ask your potential graduation or after prom comedian for hire...

  1. Are you experienced with entertaining teenagers? Not all comedians are created the same. It takes a specific set of skills to relate to teenagers and make them laugh. You may find a funny comedian to hire who has very little or no experience performing after prom comedy shows. Ask them how many times they have performed for teenagers and if the answer is zero, keep looking.

  2. Can you work CLEAN? This is pretty straightforward. I often perform R-rated shows for an adult crowd but when it comes to high school and college students, we keep it PG. Make sure your comedian for hire can speak to that and has experience "working clean" as we say in the biz.

  3. How long is your performance? The best answer to this is "how ever long you would like..." although typically, if you just want one comedian, the performance would last 45-60 minutes. Although most graduation and after prom comedy shows include 2-3 comedians and last around 1.5 - 2 hours.

  4. Can you bring along additional comedians for a longer show? Yes! Yes! Yes! having more than one comedian adds to the fun and diversity of the show and feels more like a full comedy show experience. We can even bring along another entertainer such as a magician, mentalist, hypnotist, juggler, just about anything!

  5. How much will this cost? A billion dollars. Cash. Just kidding :) The cost depends on several factors such as: Date/time of show, location, length of show, number of comedians, and talent level of comedians (if you want a "household name" or famous comedian, that will certainly cost more). For a prom or graduation comedian for hire in NY, NJ or CT, the comedian(s) is typically in the range of $800-$2500 (unless you want Jerry Seinfeld, he costs extra lol). If you need full service, including finding and securing a venue, an experienced graduation and after prom comedian will be able to help with that too!

  6. What is your process? It still amazes me how complicated some people will make this. I always start with a simple phone call to discuss what you are thinking about doing. Then we go from there. Not 52 emails with long questionnaires. Usually there will be a deposit required to reserve the date and a simple performance contract to sign. An experienced prom and graduation comedian is accustomed to dealing with the school approval process, accounting departments, etc. and will be comfortable in that process. So contact us at Wendel Comedy if you are in the NY, NJ, CT, PA area or anywhere in the USA for great comedy entertainment!

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