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4 Secrets to Hiring a Virtual Stand Up Comedian in the Age of Covid...

Many companies and individuals are looking for ways to enjoy safe, high quality comedy entertainment during Covid-19. More and more, Zoom comedy shows have come to the rescue! A virtual comedian is simply a real life comic who has figured out how to use a computer. This is a rarer talent than you'd probably realize. You see, comedians are typically dumb at stuff. Don't get me wrong, some of us are generally smart, especially when it comes to satire, wit or any type of humor except improv. But when it comes to figuring out Zoom? NY based Stand Up comic John Wendel is proud to be one of the few who have conquered this dastardly nerd-tech! Whether you are looking for a funny and clean virtual corporate comedian or a naughty naughty R-rated virtual comedian, there are a few things to consider...

  1. Is this their first rodeo? Ok sure, they've done lots of live in-person comedy but have they been doing Zoom comedy shows during the pandemic? It is an entirely different experience to entertain people virtually and you want someone who has STAYED BUSY during this past year. Virtual Comedian For Hire John Wendel has performed over 100 virtual zoom comedy shows since the start of Covid! He can also provide additional, technology-tested, funny comedians for longer shows or for specialty requests.

  2. Can they personalize the show? Sometimes you may be looking for something a bit more unique than just watching a comedian perform their normal routine. Just sharing a few interesting facts about your group or about the guest of honor can add to the experience. How about a virtual comedy roast? An experienced roast comedian can really add something unique and memorable to your virtual comedy entertainment experience.

  3. What is this going to cost? Well that really depends on what you want and your budget of course. A Zoom virtual comedy show can feature a short performance by a relatively new comedian for just a couple hundred bucks or even less. On the other hand, if you want someone with name recognition, you can pay thousands. Most virtual comedy shows will be anywhere from a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars, depending on the talent, length, day of the week, etc. The best way to find out is to ask for a FREE PRICE QUOTE from an experienced virtual comedian.

  4. Do any famous comedians do virtual comedy? Absolutely! Many well known comedians, including superstars, have been performing virtually for private companies, groups and individuals since the start of Covid. We have access to dozens of big name comedians and small named ones too. If you are interested in a particular comedian or want to discuss your event CONTACT ME TODAY to discuss. I won't bite! (Biting available for an additional fee).

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