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Virtual Live Comedy for Corporate and Private Events!

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

So here we are. Stuck at home and soaking up all of the content we can get our hands on. Despite all of the video options out there, there is just nothing quite like live comedy. But how can companies and schools and others come close to duplicating the experience of having a live performance? Corporate comedians and other stand up comics are finding creative ways to bring the live stand up comedy experience to your company, school, birthday party and more! Many solutions exist such as Zoom and other web conference options. This new wave of virtual online comedians has found their home here in the Apocalypse. There are facebook groups like the Coronavirus Comedy Club that offer LIVE virtual comedy without using Zoom or any other software. In fact, they are featuring livestream comedy on Friday and Saturday nights at 9pm EST. Pro comics live - in your living room, from theirs! New comics? Available for hire, Comedian John Wendel is experienced at performing virtual live comedy. Until life becomes more "normal" there will be more and more creative ways to watch quality stand up comedy live online. We would love to know more about what people are doing to keep the laughter "spreading" during these tense times. Remember, laughter is always the best medicine!

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